Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reentering the Blogosphere: Oxygen Thin, Hard to Breath

When I was a younger man in my mid to late twenties, I had a pretty good little blog. It was nothing earth shattering, mostly just weird updates on my life peppered with the occasional political rant or little known fact about a certain obscure animal. I hope that I helped to convince a few people that Bush was an A-hole or that echidnas, along with the other monotremes are really interesting. I enjoyed it for a while, but the thing is I wasn’t very satisfied with my life at the time. I had good friends and a roof over my head but I just couldn’t seem to break out of the glamorous world of stock room work.

Finally, after several rejections, I earned my place at the trough of higher education and moved east of the Cascades for a year to slurp up a B.A.’s worth of swill. This change in my life prompted me to clean house if you will. Along with selling my Les Paul, my VW, most of my record collection and pretty much every other cool thing that I owned to pay for school, I decided to show everybody what a martyr I was and delete the blog.

I regret all of this now that I am a thirty two year old with a real job who desperately wants to cling to any youth that I can get my hands on. So here you go- a small window into my world. If you are interested or, let’s face it, bored enough to read any of this, I thank you in advance. I hope that you can take something from my vast pool of useless information. I will expect a five page, double spaced report on egg laying mammals on my desk by next Friday.


  1. Also, change your blog's visual theme. It looks like poop.

  2. Ian, why don't you do it for him? A little freelance design work you could put in your portfolio! Eh?